How to choose the right telehandler for the job

How to choose the right telehandler for the job

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Ordering the wrong machine can be costly, time consuming and frustrating, here are some of our top tips on how to choose the right telehandler for your job.

“We need a telehandler” comes the cry from site; “What size?” comes the response from the office; “10m” is the answer. But what is a 10m telehandler? How high does it really go? How wide is it? How long is it? What does it weigh? All questions that get overlooked when placing the order

Having the right machine for the job is important but so too is having the right machine for the conditions of work. The selection at the time of ordering is crucial to how satisfied the client will be

Quite often the stock of the right machine is not available, and something larger or unsuitable arrives unexpectedly causing delays because it’s too heavy, too wide or it just won’t work with the environment conditions. The implication of this can be costly, not only in hire costs (unless the machine has been supplied in lieu).  Relationships can be strained between the contractors causing friction and before you know it the contract is running late.

Dimensions of machines are critical on what is becoming the norm of smaller site footprints. Weight is crucial in areas of restrictions like car park construction or buildings with basements. Weight is also critical in the events industry with temporary roadways being used outside to protect walkways and grassed areas. Temporary floors being used to protect clean surfaces or even working services will be weight restricted too

The delivery vehicle must be able to unload the telehandler, think of the size of this vehicle in relation to your ordered machine, its likely to be 2 or 3 times the size of your machine, so it will need the space and time to drop off and be collected once you have finished

The positioning of your machine needs to be decided prior to delivery, obstacles and scaffolding may need to be moved or worked around. Sometimes reach is as important as the height, all machines have less reach than height capacity and the lift weight capacity vastly reduces the higher the machine goes with most telehandlers

Is the operator trained? Far too many accidents happen with untrained operators. Check the machine daily and complete a daily check list. Report any issues to the supervisor or Hire Company. DO NOT use a machine with defects.

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